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Where's the mankind?

For a long time ago, world is a very simple place, and nowadays the world is very complicated.
Main reason for this is that there are too many human beings living on this place.

The populations have increased too rapidly.

At 1945 there were about two billion people living in the world. After thousands and thousands of years in human history, only two billion people appeared on earth, and that everything was enough.
Look at today, people were relatively simple and clear. But in just the last fifty years since the end of the Second World War, three billion more people have appeared, and then now human being have become very hard to understand.

At the nearly six billion people in the world as today, and somebody told that the next thirty years another three billion people will appear.

These facts are directly connected to the sudden increase in the amount of suffering those humans and other beings are now experiencing. Let's look at this more closely.

Nowadays mankind lives more loosely together, so their relationships have become more complex. Their desire for material things becomes deeper and stronger. 

Their thinking is more complicated, their lives are more complicated, and consequently there is much more suffering than ever before. Even the kinds of suffering in the world have become more complicated as humans come up with new weapons and new ways of hurting each other. 

Human beings not only make each other suffer. Nowadays, we bring much more suffering to all of the beings in this world. We hurt the air, the water, the grass, everything. 

Human beings cut down whole forests, and take away the green belt. We pollute the water, the air, the ground. Human beings always say they want freedom, but actually they are the number one dictators in this world.

So nowadays it is very important that human beings wake up.

 They must soon attain their correct job.

 Why do you live in this world? 

What are you doing in this world?

 When you are born, where d you come from? 

When you die, where do you go?

 Everybody says, "I don't know." That is a human being. Human beings think that human beings are very clever animals.

But despite all their intelligence, if you look closely at what has happened in the world you see that human beings are actually the stupidest animals, because human being don't understand human beings.

A dog understands what a dog should do, and cats understand what cats should do. AH animals understand their job and only do it. 

But we don't understand our correct job and correct way in this world, and instead we lived only ourselves. 

So meanwhile time passes, everybody gets old and does. When you die, where do you go? Despite all their intelligence and cleverness, human beings don't understand the answer to this very important question.

If we want to understand ourselves and help all beings get out of suffering, we must first understand where this world's suffering comes from.

 Everything arises from our minds. Buddhist teaching shows that everything comes from primary cause, condition, and result.

 This means that some primary cause, when it appears under a certain condition, will always produce a certain result. So what is the reason for so many beings appearing in this world, and what is the result of it? 

Why is there so much suffering, and why does it seem to increase every day? 

Perhaps the most important reason for such a dramatic increase in the amount of suffering in this world is the increase in the amount of meat-eating that humans do. 

Before World War II, human beings did not eat so much meat.  Asia, people have always generally eaten meat only on special occasions, perhaps only twice a year, on one of the major holidays.

Nowadays, Asians eat meat sometimes several times a day. The same has been true in the west for generations. This century has seen a very big increase in the amount of meat-eating on the planet. But how is this connected to the dramatic increase in suffering all over the world?

From : The compass of Zen by Zen Master Seuns Sahn


Zen mind

Zen's mind

Apperception Zen is one of those ambiguous phrases used by Zen agent to contact you, even stop, to go beyond words and I wonder what your perception and reality. 

That is the purpose of all Zen teachings you complete admiration and fear that with the announcement of their appreciation for the more intimate nature. The handwriting on the advanced reading of the sacred in Japanese moray or Tathagata in Sanskrit.

 This is a term for the Buddha, the Agency: "He who has the path, the deputy was Tabitha, or Tabitha, Tabitha, NESS, the vacuum that has followed all gone." And 'the adoption arena that makes possible the realization of a Buddha. 

E 'Zen mind. By the time Suzuki Roshi calligraphy written this application for a fuck the frayed end of a large sword-like leaves of yucca plants in the mountains of Zen Mountain Center in abundance, said: "This agency, the Tathagata is the anatomy carried out the world.”

The apperception convenience of Zen is the beginner's mind. Chastity Native Question, what am I? Calve effective throughout Zen practice. The apperception of the beginner is empty, you agree to the headset on the habits of the experts on the Internet, doubt, and open to all possibilities. 

And 'the pet of apperception can see, things can, like them, the frequency of walking into a bundle and the customer, the aborigines on the Internet are all recorded. 

This convenience of Zen Apperception is initially through the entire book. Sometimes directly or by deduction, by the way each section of the book, the catechism, as this attitude brain through your work and life to come. This is an ancient way of teaching, used the most straightforward application of stress and life situations. The agency should advise the apprentice

An apperception beginner was an announcement of Dogen Zenji-admired. The calligraphy of the title, the addition of Suzuki Roshi, Shoshin law or beginner's mind. 

The way of Zen calligraphy is the best easy, easy like you're a beginner address, not aggravating element reaches or beautiful, but it makes sense for autographs with full absorption, as you would Advertencies what signing to get to the Native American term ; back to your rich Intermeeting your letter. This is the way to convenience moment by moment.

No women in Zen

Zen Buddhism, no women.

A girl aged 17, one born in the Year 2340 in the family of an adult warrior in the kingdom of God Emperor. Is that Japan now has the same beauty contest or do not know how. History is not mentioned.

But tell that story started. You young ensembles who was a goddess of beauty in those days then. The motto of Japan. He is considered the Japanese nation. Human race in the world and thousands of contractors out of Japan's islands. As all the world. King called their God Emperor of world domination, so if a women's beauty contest. He would run his total Pohoo(Four) perhaps Miss World.

Yes, that will be duly honored in a special class, but beauty alone cannot find. Since her birth in the family of high-Yo sure enough beautiful young ensembles has been studied modern letters. To show the talent and maturity to write a poem is very great too.
To the Queen of the God Emperor's favor. Rnebsenong called to offer jobs. 

Nrongsnoongporaoot a noble position in the palace. Be excessively childish love. Parents, relatives and family are quite honorable Mounts.

But then ... on the human need to be like that yourself.

That is, no unexpected events before they occur And then created. That was then Aamnsoog long. Lord of the Empress is more that she favors. Died down suddenly. Little girls get used to close all the time until the end of breath simultaneously, starry bright future in her palace life short while to extinguish.

Ehgrhenon ever fallen through the ages, although a few years. "Once it was hard to events. Taste for life's little she has a quick flicker. You can find real-life scene. What I have is a traditional problem cannot stand. The eggs will not find a way to clarify.

She greatly puzzled mind that the world is it what? Err ... Nenamanoaarnuan!
People are normally not that women or men. It does not matter how old. Enough sense of the problem. Reached by a way of life led to the meet People would not stand. The machine will not run toward the elimination of ambiguity that is the wrong way.

 A young ensemble of our policy is just that. She became interested. I want to know how Buddhism has it that on this issue. Along with her as a literature what to read to know intimately. The sensitive soul of a poet, she took a very to be ordained to the study of Buddhist closely

The relatives were not so boisterous Heyededeenkhrd is not. I know who will go to the bottom of her heart. So confused about the big parties. The party girl was trying to reason everything will be all the way to worship the great curiosity about this The adults will be allowed to ordain not exactly. 

Each partner pulls together strain. It looked to each other in different directions. No reduction of either the even less well. Yo ensembles of young settler used to run away with. When the box is a bite away.

Then hurried home to find a noble man. To prepare for a marriage to survive away know we know. Young lady, she even refused to large Events it is difficult Iunongkhing well over the long pending Thane. Lastly, the results have to negotiate together lightly.

 A contract that Beautiful woman willing to marry yo ensembles. However, if the first child born. Whether male or female. She asks for religious

The parents also did not give more Lift out the Japanese tradition of strict resolutely to overrule That women have three children who are born will be called as a perfect woman. She then submits to customs regulations. Compelled into marriage. In exchange for a covenant that would allow religious

Before she completed 25 years of age she got out of the contractual obligations ordained. Her husband and parents, aunt uncle Ah I will not pull it out anymore. Upon independence, I shave his head to read Naka Rick perform live. Study the way to measure performance under that Leave the original home place. Distant relatives out .

Nun yo girl ensembles. The way the quest Oamukh fair to many of the number of all of you that Office have already why I admitted not as easy as thought Bureau and Bureau told her I became a disciple to study the practice is often ignored ignored.

 Fiber is good to allow it either is not that, but she did not notice that is displayed. Not welcome in that this came after she met him with a new problem. Religious life anymore.

At first, the poor nun. I still cannot find the cause. That is why Rnonrnam until you pass into the territory E Do I stay for a body of teachers. Has indeed known why. Because the teacher said to find plain-spoken a professor Tate Su Yu.

 This teacher body. Just a glimpse to see her crawl on request only. It refuses to immediately blurt that This Office does not accept her. She is also young and beautiful Née Neu will not be good for what most people in this bureau.

Our young nuns. Thus was born the other side see the truth of beauty She will carry nearly discouraged that the world is what it is still underground. Not apparent to the eye much more men. This world this life. What conditions are there many strange new view of beauty Eoretid penalty - Beauty Ueamedgyi! Chang Chuan tracks it to know what's more true.

 She Samson next and the next, until the group signed to the Office of measure one. This temple is the head office. Many followers of both the monk and nun father abbot of a principal party to sign Ku Ha oh

We’d like stepping into a temple. Nun Yo ensembles was not sure before then. Bureau of fear is like that then she is around to stay for the party the night before a few nuns. Tomorrow gradually fell into father abbot in mind, I think that there is little hope very

Show that all night. She thinks hard with despair. Mixed with the excited tomorrow I will ever think to rely on. Think of her ordained. A very difficult Oiuoig ago, but after that will fail Just jam just come by them or face as this?

Finished, she realized she had used steel in fire red rice and home to a scarred face to remove the broken end of beauty. She has become ugly to satisfy the immediate relief and then break down the barrier that they cherish that piece of waste. That night means a delight to enjoy throughout the night.

While the inspiration the poetry of her writing from the heart. A poem is very sweet. (Fluent in Japanese) translation is that

"We meet once mouth. The Royal Empress at Luang is that we have, but burn incense and aromatic. Develop a brand hit hard baked Porn to wear shiny surface. Ruen Rom favorite Nrsr But the story now. Fall in the poverty-stricken the relative properties and homes burned down home to us as well. However, burning their skin to get admission in the office sign. "

Enough the next day. It's time to worship her feet, father Professor Yasuo Ku Ha. I became a disciple in the office. She cannot believe their ears once again.

She was a great mistake. "This is not the wrong father is not allowed. But ... that is Have been asking when the father saw was a burn blister to face out so Tamatn also known to cause a burn on the face deformation throughout the nation. Because the blame is with the beauty of sex. Father said that teacher’s do that is not.

"Indeed it is signed. No man is a woman. A woman is the man. After fertilization in a fetal position, but it is quite mind before coming to that nation and the bad. And to think that he is the sex. Sex, this is also a fallacy Animals are confined by this. "

Once a nun yo ensembles already listening. Post it to clear up the great words. Now she does not like the beauty Do not like the favorite in both non-beauty she is beyond that to be a male and a female. They used to make her suffer through the life span of not less than 30 years now; she is part of the Bureau of signing. 

The father has regularly taught Yasuo Ku Ha disciples are Father is a professor at Ha Kung Yasuo rebuke Alumni do not treat women like the same guy out at practice Zazen. (Ueama mean is sitting in a row.

 Turned back into the lid) in the hall plant fair You will use grass shoes walking slowly back and forth monitoring whether someone if you see that the alarm should be natural in Would slash wood charcoal ashtray with no mercy Persia. No sexual tension with it. Then came this Poano oiling .

Is this Instead of making disciples are also difficult to find? Like to see a popular worship anyone undergoing training from Master. This is the hospitality of the nuns pray yo ensembles are more Yo Mother in ensembles with the Bureau of teachers for 13 years has been honored as a pragmatist who help others

After then. The end of life. Nun Yo ensembles have to stay in the mountains, Dunedin. Sugar Bun Province Rd. We are interested to live with. You need a leader with nuns of 200 parents to thoroughly warm.

Until Debkhanht. August 2406 when former Miss world. As the other nuns. Filled with the peace of all time. The spirit that used to be a poet almost defunct.

 She also wrote a poem a euphonious Go left to read to the men. 

Which is both deep and melodic poetry? 

Their praise is signed until now. Words that have meaning in Thai. This may not be listening to it as deep and melodious.

"The scenes flow in autumn Year after year, the circulation seemed to look to 66 times and has cartoon Emporium continue In light of the Pressrun Dampen much you guys enough. Do not wash anymore just ask her to watch. Eugene listen to hear the bamboo leaves Side night when the wind blows does not see ".

Story will end.

 This story comes from the beauty. We will see that. Our world is not what men do. Then be forbidden to women, as it seeks to do. More stories come out about every match, such as people suffering in this life. A woman is not a reason more men make a difference at all overlap each other.

But for each person should get to know you so well that how much for her to go to emulate the same with religion, faith alone do not may not be not suitable as it was not worthy.
In other words, that is. Beautiful woman to emulate Toyota ensembles in all of this cannot.

 Asked to analyze behold. She did not make up reasons to own thoughts to myself. Or she will not want to ridicule myself or anyone. Then fled religious

Oeuhrnrnam and events in her life. At least not around her that she and she age, which is still young so young still? Age was not much has been lost everything. Since almost fly high on the sky Camera. And then fall back in a position of power to repeat the ugly Yahu it has Lalok slam Frequency as the waves did not relent.

All of this is not her fault. Or is anyone's intention. But ... all of these matters. Nothing too important than her advantage. Advantage in that she is representing. Thus, if this capital is no longer available. How to make lifestyle movements. She would like most other women. Think hard, but I think thousands of defeat.

Eoretid see you all. If someone else. Parser not the world is the less the degree of thought. He will toil like climbing Fish and dry pellets. Yo ensembles such as nuns like this, or 10 to a different life, it's not enough for him to suicidal until the entire 10 world it is a type of real people. 

The adverse impact on the lives they lose. Refugees face of difficulties. By suicide.
Knowing whether there in meditation. He assumed it was a scene that sort of life face to elicit people, each person is separate it is up to us the only one. To the scenes of life changing events . Then, the benefit to you is superior to even greater.

So whose don’t interesting is nothing to say! Suddenhacnyiadg! What is happening in their lives? So instead of upgrading to push themselves to relief. These people do not see a way to push it back if you think it would be wrong.

Buddha held the sort of nun ensembles of this policy. That horse is a national well-trained that is just a glance I saw him lift the shadow of the whip only how do I know how spoiled.

If not enough people with her problems the first condition by chance. She wanted to remark to begin to dig the roots of true prosperity girl. Quit as party shirt. What a wake up to find my heart. Strange to the world that they all face. She ordained as a nun.

Is not a cause of psychotic symptoms? The sense of depth is nothing confusing trick itself is here, grab the opposite when the first condition. An event that makes it tight. Or error, the scene subsequent became a quick study for her until the end. From her life. A life that should be raised as an example of a lady. With the rules worship ideas.

Make sure that a single one. His noble you in our religion is Buddhism. The young person is not thinking. Or do not know what the rules are simple reasons for the world. You do not even take that very witty sage wisdom world but not even a dead man in the world. Do not know what hits home and around the city, he soon.

 Walk the street until the ash is to hunt mule if hit by a car by the thought that Not adhere firmly held. I cannot find this.

You also need to be enlightened on the world stage by Geo. As they have done with tools already. As can be seen in the case of the nuns of this policy ensembles.

 Despite a life line to end abruptly. In just not much life. You'll have to climb from the very events of life and complete. Moreover, it also relies on other teachers to 13 years.

Therefore, nowadays If you have someone hoping to rush. Quick Match in practice how I do not know across the world in order would be impossible. Subject to the claims that have to perform only close my eyes today as then. Works like this; it will not be completed in Buddhism.
Because of this fact of life. 

Do not see the other end. In as much as this. A moment but has patience to make a long-term course. Do not limit that to 10 years 20 years 30 years since the end of each period until death, and then this draft is to stay with the well-being. Answers to the personalization, then only themselves.

 This world really needs is honest intellectual. And do it calmly. Everything over to the far end to take the same time. Age time required for observation Sponger study. If you follow these principles and then fixed. We should not have people they want to be a teacher and still be innocent have been tricked by their own ideas. Until about the error. Thus