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Thich Nhat Hanh - Day 1 of 5 - Part 4 of 11

Thich Nhat Hanh gives a dharma talk in a five-day meditation retreat at Plum Village Meditation Center in France. This retreat was for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples. Click on the video as a response to the next part to see.


Driving Zen Meditation for Busy


It is the race for consumption in your spiritual development?

 Do you find less time to make your practice of meditation, yoga and other spiritual?

Zen meditation is not afraid to drive here.

Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love

Unfortunately for many of us to consume seems to work, family, education and more work in our lives.
The worst thing about this fast-paced lifestyle, which is an aspect of suffering that should not do.

Our spiritual growth. This article  will present a great technique for meditationIt can be done while driving or during transportation. This may be hopefully help your spiritual work back on track and enjoy the wonderful benefits that such work brings.

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In America we have a lot of units, and even those who do not drive much, and often trains and buses as part of their daily lives.

This time "idle" poses a great opportunity to get into work and meditation, there are many meditations that can be easily done at this time.

ObviousCaution, of course, is not practicing this meditation, if you in any way distracts a driver's license.

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Zen meditation techniques are rooted in his knowledge or the time. 

This meditation technique is different and will also help in the "here and now" are as much as possible.
Below is a step by step guide on how to do this meditation. It takes as a given, you are driving, but can be easily transferred to other ways Transport.

Driving Zen Meditation Technique

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- Start of meditation for five long, deep, slow breaths. This relaxation.

- Well, bring your attention to your breathing and just observe its flow, without manipulation in any way. Meditate on it physical properties as well as you can. Feeling is the temperature, texture, depth, etc.
Continue this meditation for 1-5 minutes. In this way solve your mind off.

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- Now comes the heart of this meditation.Start watching the scenery as you drive by a fuzzy, holistic vision to go. In other words, relax, let your vision take over the suburbs and not focus just watch the world go by on their journey.

Just watching the trees, sky, clouds, houses, cars, as they passed.

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Only emptiness inside and watch the world through you. That's it.

- To provide a further element to add to this meditation technique, if you come to a halt once again your attention to your breath and Then, when in motion, to rethink the landscape.

- If, at any stage of the journey requires your concentrated attention, please stop the meditation and pay attention to your driving license.

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Driving Zen Meditation Technique Comment

This meditation technique is able to reveal to you the true nature of reality.
Etched in my mind are occasions when the absolute perfection of life and at that time, were fully realized when practicing this technique.

 This meditation was one thatjust came to me naturally and I'm happy to share it with you all.

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Overview of Zen Gardens


The Japanese Zen gardens or Karesansui are some of the most beautiful and exotic gardens.

The history of Zen gardens back in the misty beginnings of Japanese culture.
The Zen Garden is also known as a Zen garden or a Karesansui.

These gardens are very simple and in most cases only a few real plants.

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In many Zen gardens, there are things that grow in general.
The gardens are composed primarily of rock and sand. The word translated Karesansuias "dry water and mountains.

" The illusion of water, rake the sand in a pattern that suggests rippling water movement, while the rocks are arranged, created to make the islands or mountains.

 The history of Zen gardens dating back as early as 6 Century in Japan.

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One of the most famous Japanese gardens contain 15 stones arranged in a pattern on the rippled sand. Although most of the rock gardens are a particular position and perspective are considered,This garden can be seen from every angle.

Regardless of the point of view, only 14 of the 15 stones ever to be seen at once. It is said that spiritual enlightenment is reached, the Invisible 15 Rock would then be seen.

This is an example of the influence of these Zen gardens.
There are records of rock and sand gardens, dates from the reign of Empress Suiko in 592 AD.
Some evidence suggests that the art of rock gardens in this period must be preceded for some time as thefirst gardens were already highly developed.

In the first 700-Zen Buddhism began to spread in Japan and early Zen monks found the rock gardens and sand is a perfect fit for the ideas of simplicity and harmony that their vision of the universe are selected.

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The development of the gardens Karesansui continue with the 13 th Century, when the form they have reached their way into the modern era. The gardens can be very small.

Some simple Zen gardenswere made to be held in the hand, while others are quite large.

Many people have seen models of sand and rocks, which represent the sea and the islands of Japan.

Others saw more models, deep images of the unconscious which he called the rest, which was produced sought.

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In 1935 an American writer Loraine Kuck called Zen Garden coined the concept in his book "100 Gardens of Kyoto.

" The term became popular and eventually found its way into the Japanese language. E 'often used to represent the different styles of Japanese rock gardens and sand.

The common characteristic remains, however, the simplicity and sobriety, that the gardens of the early Zen monks.

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Interior Design Zen Style

If you wanted to redesign the Zen style in your home, what would it look like and where would you start?

You can capture scenes of peace and tranquility, may introduce a connection with nature may, for some it conjures up images of a minimalist Japanese style.

Certainly would not be a disturbance or bright colors and complex patterns to distract the eye tools or extra pieces of furniture or ornaments, and many others.

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Zen is something tangible, but just as we can better? Describe

What is Zen?

Although the styles of Zen style is becoming increasingly popular in interior design, can one of the most difficult to define as it is not really a style at all or is only a form of art or religion or a philosophy, even if in his view could be all those things. It is probably more relevant to describe Zen as a pure state.

But many people associate with the Japanese Zenin reality in China. In the most simplistic way could be described as enlightenment, a branch of Zen Buddhism victory that focuses on meditation.

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This is the internal perception, experience and wisdom of the true awakening of pure mind and Buddha himself.
However, it is almost impossible to define in words, because words can not adequately express the Zen, the true nature or essence.

However, this does not mean that it is difficult to create the Zen style inYour home is quite different.
All you have to do is follow a few basic principles.

Zen Rock Gardening

The creation of the Zen style in your home

With today's busy lifestyles, modern technology and generally fast pace of life is not difficult to understand why Zen is becoming increasingly popular.

Coming Home to a quiet and peaceful after a long day of work can be a tonic for the soul and let the chance to revive themselves again, to rest and relaxation, contemplation and around for what they really remember whatimportant in life.

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The easiest way to bring home the essence of Zen in which it would be to imagine, first as a state of mind to focus on the here and now, silence, silence, and present them straight.

How should maintain these elements in mind to imagine what it would be easier if you also have the same qualities are reflected in your home.

The first step would be to go from room to room, removal of unnecessary objects, ornaments and Junk.
Clear the clutter and clear the mind.

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Ask yourself if you really need a particular item and if you could help it. be brutal.
What should you decide to keep one goal.
If you have difficulties to have something that you really need to find a place to neatly away and is best preserved in the same eyes.

Get rid of any extra furniture, Zen is about functionality and space, and more open space, the better. Notforgotten walls, ceilings and floors as well.
Everything is expensive and finicky Zen is not easy.

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Think color. color palette is soothing and pleasing to the eye so that no strong color contrasts and bold statements.

Go for colors that are neutral and reminiscent of nature, perhaps subtle shades of colors blue, green, beige and brown.

There would be no complex patterns or line would be easy, smooth and aerodynamic.

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What would you like furniture defined ina way to promote harmony and space so it should be readily available in and around the furniture in every room, without possibility of release and push things go as you want.

Everything should promote and share the free flow of energy in and around the house, your room in a meditative state.

There are no furniture or wallpaper, and artifacts as such, especially the Zen.
You look like the articles in your home to give him the Zen and hear andso the fewer items you have, the better.


Final appearance

You could try a bowl of pebbles, a simple landscape painting or a photo of a waterfall, a real fountain or water feature, a single flower in a vase, a potted plant, a wooden ornament, a piece of glass, shells, a display of candles, basically anything from nature.

 If you follow the beauty of "less is more 'principle and combine this with serenity and simple, then you are on track to achieve the Zen Style to your home.

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