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The hidden of the meaning.

Somebody have  been told me,that  the Writers was so straight and honorable.
This is not exactly meaning in my body is look same as a ruler. In fact,i think I look like a robot, because I have non shaped and look rather like the biggest  jar. But the straight and honorable is the word that explain that I usually  probably right in thinking what it means to say that out. And what i had think that what I had  to say. I immediately change the subject.Without the Introduction. Or tell the other party in any way.

This time the problem has already read that fussed. Due to the author. People who care about their thoughts and feelings of the people around you know a lot So sometimes Why torture yourself like that will have to care about other people care about him, then with

All this is all what is always hidden. Nothing or very little to do frankly expressed plainly Can be distributed into several implications as follows.

1. If attention is. Provided to family members. Regarded as the author cares to do most sincerely. He hoped to do just that. Beloved family member. To the welfare and happiness.

2. If such care. A girl friend. It also considered the concern that the Business Ameึ percent net grant additives in mind as well. Although there may be other hidden implications in the care because I know that. Now a friend of the author is being How. Happy (rather than the author) or similar to that. About people is our job. However, but LTI. Tell a friend happy than the author himself is not jealous at all. Instead, compliment Have a happy and hope that they will have some really happy with it. But I have to admit that. When the file information as the costly network. Happier friends.The author feels that They have happy and very proud. (This is flagrant Mrs. Mark).

3. If you care that As a seamless made to the author. More personal satisfaction to the author to make friends. As special This is the worst. The author will present the Sun is really worried. But under our concern that a worrying fear that the author concerned. Going to be happy or enjoy it with someone other than the author. All this does not mean just sexual relationships only With some friends of some The author is with the symptoms she is not at all Mark.

If asked. What is latent or hidden agenda. What the author wants to convey on the one concern some people. In addition to the above, I must say that the author wants it back some concern. Elasticity want to be like him or not called a flexible force. Or force incident. Any right or wrong. The author must apologize for forgetting. (Thanks for the correct guidance range tired my face with it.)
I sent to the concerned. Like sending the ball to tight compressor. The impact on the cement wall. With the forces that intend to send. And reflected some balls. And to request said. Something like that. The non-carbonated like to send the ball tight. To strike the wall with thick cotton lining are definitely out.

When the express concern of the authors has a covert agenda that The author has told the people that are concerned or do not. That costly network also check as to what (Attention) I say it.

1. I want to hurry anything and encouraged to give back what they want. This behavior will occur if the author is intimate and trusting in luck Uh .. lucky to have been extremely concerned only If you are not familiar 'll Never tell.

2. Do not tell but secretly act secretly in order to interpret and give back in this case, the behavior will occur. With people who are in a position that calls for nothing or to have a very considerate person, or is not known as close-knit camaraderie, or in the range being pampered to the utmost.

3. Hope to get back concerns. But do not dare to say nothing or utter any act of this behavior occurs on an extremely close friend of the author. The count was a universal man (no one union at all).
Thus, the behavior has occurred rarely .

So it may be concluded that the non-partisan themselves. The author is not like straight people do not lie Chauแamnngmdegonghgr to attract anyone think and speak and speak often to keep the words to make if ไม่เหลือบ่ากว่าแรง Neu. Unless not wake up. Because when the sleep time. Commitment of all works. The author throws out to the side bed. Will be collecting more than remembering back to the contract. Angry, resentful and sometimes a heart for people in the family's beloved authors frequently Time ever, and many more. The authors reason being that the Birch.

Write all this to the media what From a person who has ever tried their pressure. Think and then do not say the thought did not indulge others. And never claim anything. Do not feel anything myself. Day listen and follow orders, they found that life should be easy to see it crash and the end result is that eventually. To all future writers. (Previous chapters are quite long on Negึ. If you are interested to read matter obtained in.).

But when the passage of time thinking up the old trend is much more freedom. More self-reliant courage to dare to say even dare to think that you think Wu. Not guilty on others. If you are wrong is wrong only to themselves. As a result, it may not yet estimate the total Now, the author realized that there is no need to keep people happy and I want to say the words out. Dare not say. And lose the chance to say. Finally, I regret to sit. As people thought and said. Make life a Suึ Although data are very happy that it would not be long. (Mouth, took a short life), but it feels better than making the page into a smile. Kaen in mind, no damn good piece.

Come to think and speak frankly to each other better. From the small problem of the authors themselves. Thinking and said to match that. The author has proved the express permission concluded that better in terms of people who have relationships with, and most importantly. Its author well for itself.

And if do not think too much Neu. And do you think, say or think that's it National problem that can be caused by severe mouth is like a heart, but also it creates a problem. Which does not make any society to flourish 's. I think it came out no better than Create an image that I am better then my heart bend It's embarrassing Neu.

And read stories to each other tales in Zen.

Tale Zen :The hidden of the meaning.

Mongol battle they have won the Chinese about North Christian era to 1230, and about another 40 years to acquire the South China as well.
God has prepared shrimp Map Light Khan great army. To invade Japan twice. But the Samurai, which dominate the city Car Guide expelled during the two times. The fighting in China is taking a prolonged time for almost a century.

When near the end of that era, then. Nobility, the great Chinese people to find you one to talk to your teacher sign one. From the place where both of you talk about the ride. Overlooking the camp of the Mongol conqueror, and people see that people are prepared Mongol invasion next time again.
"The battle seems to never end. Chang too protracted. No way to stop it, "the nobility of China Rampan very sad.
"The battle to end the" signs teacher said.
"How doth" China asked the nobility.
Slapped hands teachers signed a Chinese nobleman ฉrd large
China was shocked and very angry Cavalier ....... this man nasty awful! ... ... ... ...... Most wicked know that we'd have to ask, but why do this! ..... ..... would be crazy puzzle sign. With each of them ..... perhaps the fuss is that there is a hidden meaning ....... idiot! .......... 'S not. Would certainly be more meaningful. ........... Must have some meaning in this certainly ......
Teachers sign the face of the nobility of China closely and said that
"That your own ..... the fight to stop now!".


Our deepest fears.

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. 

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 

Actually, who are you not to be. 

You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world.

 There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. 

We are all meant to shine, as children do. 

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

 It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. 

(Nelson Mandela, 1994 Inaugural Speech)   

Our Deepest Fear was used in Nelson Mandela's speech, but it was written by Marianne   
Williamson. You can find it in her book "A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles   
of a Course in Miracles," pages 190-191, 1992 publishing. 


Nasrudin and a Dervish.

Nasrudin and a Dervish

Nasrudin was walking along a lonely road one moonlit night when he heard a snore seemingly directly beneath his feet. Suddenly he experienced fear and was about to flee when he tripped over a dervish lying in a pit which he had dug for himself, partly underground.

"Who are you?" the Mulla stammered.

"I am a dervish, and this is my contemplation place."

Nasrudin replied, "You will have to let me share it. Your snoring frightened me out of my wits, and I cannot continue any further this night." 

"Take the other end of this blanket, then," said the dervish without much enthusiasm,
  "and lie down here. Please be quiet, because I am keeping a vigil. It is a part of a complicated series of exercises. 
Tomorrow I must change the pattern, and I cannot stand any interruption."

Nasrudin fell asleep for a while. Then he woke up, very thirsty.

"I am thirsty," he told the dervish.

"Then go back down the road, where there is a stream."  

"No,I am still afraid." replied Nasrudin.

"I shall go for you then," said the dervish. "After all, to provide water is a sacred obligation in the East." 
"No, please don't go for I am still afraid to be alone!"

"Take this knife, to defend yourself then," said the dervish.

While he was away Nasrudin frightened himself still more, working himself up into a frenzy, which he tried to counter by imagining how he would attack any demon who threatened him.  

Presently the dervish returned.  

"Keep your distance, or "I'll kill you!" said Nasrudin.
 "But I am the dervish," said the dervish.  

"I don't care who you are-your maybe a demon in disguise. Besides, you have your head and eyebrows shaved!" 

The dervishes of that order shave their head and eyebrows.  

"But I have come to bring you water! Don't you remember-you are thirsty!"  

"Don't try and ingratiate yourself with me, Demon!"  

"But that is my hole you are occupying!" said the dervish.  

"That's hard luck for you, isn't it? You'll just have to find another one." replied Nasrudin.  

"I suppose so," said the dervish, "but I am sure I don't know what to make of all this."  

"I can tell you one thing," said Nasrudin, "and that is that fear is multidirection."  
"It certainly seems stronger than thirst, or sanity, or other peoples property," said the dervish.  

"AND you don't have to have it yourself in order to suffer from it!" said Nasrudin. 


Author Unknown 
From : A Samurai and a Zen master. 

A Samurai and a Zen Master.

A Samurai and a Zen Master

 A samurai, a very proud warrior, came to see a Zen Master one day. The samurai was very famous, but looking at the beauty of the Master and the Grace of the moment, he suddenly felt inferior.  

He said to the Master, "Why am I feeling inferior? Just a moment ago everything was okay. As I entered your court suddenly I felt inferior. I have never felt like that before. I have faced death many times, and I have never felt any fear -- why am I now feeling frightened?" 
The Master said, "Wait. When everyone else has gone, I will answer. "

People continued the whole day to come and see the Master, and the samurai was getting more and more tired waiting. By evening the room was empty,
and the samurai said, "Now, can you answer me?"

The Master said, "Come outside." 

It was a full moon night, the moon was just rising on the horizen. 

And he said, "Look at these trees. This tree is high in the sky and this small one beside it. They both have existed beside my window for years, and there has 
never been any problem. 

The smaller tree has never said to the big tree, 
'Why do I feel inferior before you?' This tree is small, and that tree is big .

why have I never heard a whisper of it?"
The samurai said, "Because they can't compare."
The Master replied, "Then you need not ask me. You know the answer."

Author Unknown Found at: Parables, Stories from Around the World    


Nirvana of enlightenment.

Nirvana of enlightenment.

Nirvana is the most of enlightenment in Buddhist philosophy, 禅 Zen called "Sato River" (悟り Satori) means a thorough knowledge of the state of ultimate truth too, 

Sato Rich experience of the truth that everything in the universe are. unity. In particular, his experience is destroying Rich Sato clinging firmly to cause segregation to understand the real, then all things are as one. That is, only emptiness or is that own (Suchness) The primary way to enlightenment 3 ways is Zazen (座 禅 Zazen) or meditation Sun sign (参禅 Sanzen) or pondering Koan (公案 Kōan) and Mon. Condo (问答 Mondō) or ask for immediate response.

Zen Chi You Ya Ma Toshiba (Zenkai Shibayama) has signed a philosophy described as follows.

Signed a non-conclusion of imagery accessible by reason and thought. 

The path of the sign not be found by a separation of our knowledge. It is not alone although knowledge and ideas of all of us. A product of consciousness, it needs to be removed completely by If you can successfully reach the truth of pure experience, which will help us rise to the availability Suyy eyes and a deep experience in this signature is all that exists.

 If talking in terms of destination, then. experience, it is signed. The realization that the foundation of existence. If speaking in a private aspect, then it might explain the signs of waking up to a depth of human mind. Which is the language of signs.

 We wake up call that says 'Sato River,' which translated means that the enlightenment to the truth of religious experience.

(Zen Chi Chi Ma Ya Ba, 2526: 59).

Church sign in Zen is that things are looking, but is empty. Zen view that humans are not the center of the universe.

 All living things must be based on mutual and the Buddhist belief that all animals in the existing conditions. Achieving Sato River is seen as the reality of the world and the world of life and life is a blank space when the identity, then it is free from attachment. Once free of the adhesive, it seemed to be justified in the eye center.

Can see that the state of the Sato River, as these conditions is difficult to understand common reasons. Sato ring because not expressed in terms of logic or language, without any direct experience.

 Even when there is direct experience, it is also difficult to communicate ,because Sato River is the state of enlightened common sense overcome the sudden popularity of the twist that adheres firmly held as to identify conceptual body and mental well with the recipient knows what evil is recognized. 

The outside world and so for those who meet the Sato River, it is not attached to assume different states.Because the law assumes that these characteristics are relative in the context of a fictional set of states with one context may be that when the context changes. 

Suppose a set of states that have used may have to change accordingly. but the practice will sign life is in fact looking at the world as it is, and not to hold a world that is, a person can look at themselves as on their own, but the framework is the fact that their love was not,but with a unique space. 

Because indeed Human mind is often dominated by various desires that image distortions from the fact that the picture attached to assume that humans enacted. 

Do not understand the actions or speech of teachers who signed away from assuming that people understand the law as if the women held signs across the river ,there are about that. 

One day teacher with a teacher in San Tan Edo Ki traveling the streets are slushy because of heavy rain. and met a beautiful woman is to go ahead across the river San Tan teacher has to carry her across. Edo Ki shock to teachers. 

But do not dare utter speech. Until the night. Edo skills teacher asked the professor, 

San Tan said. "We touched the girl does not. So beautiful, especially the more dangerous. Why do you dare to do that ? 

"Said professor Ton San. "I put her in there a long time ago. You hold her, or here "(line de hospital network covers Hong Wan, 2540: 28) 

On the women carried across the river shows that thinking of the teachers have tons San overcome discrimination from the law assumes that in this discipline to the essence of the principles is to help fellow human beings. 

While teachers Edo skills remain attached to the fictional law. In particular, the teachers themselves have unleashed San tons of secular law, while the teacher Edo skills that are stuck in the states.

However, although the aim is to achieve cent Sato River. But it does not mean that there is no sign of the state and Sato ring does not occur. This means that the way of signing a practice to achieve the Sato River through pondering the Koan and until the conditions are fair and enlightened in the end. 

Which is informed by the reality of things, which is the same idea without discrimination. This does not mean that those who achieve the Sato River, you can not live with people in everyday life. 

Rich people achieve Sato will understand and know the tricks to the fact that they occur in the presence of people may not know when, concepts and practices of sign is placed on the principle of availability of a unique creatures.

 This challenges the common sense of the familiar framework of adhering firmly held. Frame of commitment for all but signed the man is fictitious. Which obstacle to enlightenment is to see the reality of the world and a life free of any conceptual framework, we may understand this issue more of the following Koan.

Before being signing in Zen you have to understand that , the river is a river . Mountain is a mountain. [Perception normal people], but when signing and performance. I see that the river is not a river. Mountain is not a mountain anymore. [Perception of enlightenment] I come now to see the river still a river and mountains are mountains, it is also the same. [Perception of enlightenment, but I can also communicate with normal people.]

(Contact Beach Nut Hunt, 2532: 74).

Be seen that in normal perception of the public would take a look at the meaning set forth. Therefore the view that River is a river Mountain is the mountain. 
The meaning and understanding of the normal level. 

However, when the enlightened and adherence has been firmly held various exterminate Pictures of mountains and river view will change.River is not the rivers and mountains are not mountains anymore. After a thorough knowledge and then back to normal as before. River is a river Mountain is mountain,but images of mountains and rivers, for enlightenment, they are very different to those still not enlightenment. Is not attached to the original meaning of the common man.

 The enlightenment also existed in the actual world. that is, those who achieve Sato ring can have a normal life without the other dominant. In the present time is not going to recall when former and not worry about the future. But look at everything at now and only this time.

The important law in Zen.

Although the principles of Zen to  successor is not part of the Book (A special Transmission Outside the Scripture) does not rely on words and letters (No Dependence on Words and Letters) point directly to the essence of man.

Zen have appointment to look and see they notice in the nature of the self and achieve the enlightened (Seeing into One's Nature and the Attainment of Buddhahood), but it does not mean that the signature reject scripture or characters on the other hand teachers sign enshrined created a literature much as appear as. Koan poems, etc.

Zen signed a Buddhist sect one of which was influenced by ideas from China and India that has been inherited from the formula, important as great philosophy, Park Min Ta Formula (The Prajñaparamita Sutra) Sedhrnrnam Puntriu formula (The. Lotus Sutra) formula, Wei Lang (The Platform Sutra of Patriarch Hui-Neng) Watchara formula (The Diamond Sutra), but the formula is important. A quota formula Lanka (The Lankãvatãra Sutra), as history says that you have given Phothitham Lanka quota formula associated with a succession Parinayok Religious traditions of their own successors.

What is Zen.

Zen is one of Buddhist sect, it had signed in a Buddhist sect for a long time ago and then developed in Chinese  during the 7th and 8th centuries by combining the concept of Mahayana Buddhism from India. And philosophical Taoism in China.

The word "Zen" is a derivation from the language ridge Kingdom of the "Dhyana" and Pali as "contemplation" (Jhana) which means "meditation" on Buddhism when had public  to China.

Chinese is pronounced "Shan" (Ch'an) subsequently developed a Shan Buddhist sect. And when Japan has been the influence of this concept into the Shan Sect. Buddhist sect called "Zen" because the Japanese word pronounced "Shan" is a "Zen"

Zen Buddhist has developed into the Bureau, but many concepts together is a Buddhist-oriented meditation.

The origin of the concept of Zen, that was signed by the Buddha on the form for a long time ago. Thao Mahaprom asked Buddha The following ;.

One priest who has the time you sat at the mountain region Kitchakoot Thao Mahaprom came to offering the flower for Buddhist to teach him . After that he then sit down and Buddha  only show up at the shooting flowers among league.

Then do not say anything at that time human beings are different and discriminatory ,nobody  understand the meaning, but Mahagassapa smile a little so Buddha said that.
" There is a direct  Mahagassapa had really understand  Nirvana and mental visiting Conditions that would not look real"given to a great art, then.
(Thaweewat Pundharigawat, 2530: 9-10).

Mahagassapa is  a patch of excellence in intellectual property. there's the tradition to give a clothes  of the Buddha was from here, the tradition of delivering the yellow robe and begging bowl Sangkathi which is the symbol of His Holiness Parinayok succession of sects signed.

 If the Zen formula is based on this considered. Mahagassapa send art as His Holiness body 1 in India and the investigation of their own until His Holiness body 28, which is the Bodhi Dharma.

 Bodhidharma have brought Buddhism to the public of China thers's teach  CURRENT Hui (Hui c'o) Buddhist sect in the territory of China will be signed after the Bodhi Dharma is the  Holiness  1 of Zen in China.

 It was the succession of ever coming. Until the reign of His Holiness  6 is your Serene d Hui (Hui - neng) or you Wei Lang (AD 638-713) after the signing of  Buddhist sect was broken into five broad field space. network Yang (Wen - Yang) Xiamen Yun (Yun - Men) Far warped as (Fa - Yen) stalks the Font (Ts'ao - Tung) and Xi Lin (Lin - Chi) and has been an important field. inheritance until today, only 2 were withered branch samples and Chi Lin Buddhist religion in these two fields of land border itself into the modern Japanese get in Ma Sakura .Kamakura AD 1185 to 1333),  Impact site (Eisai. AD 1141 - 1215) was the founder. 

The line was adopted by Lin Xi publish sect called the "Prince of site signs" (Rinzai Zen) Office is emphasis on thorough knowledge instantly by using Koan. To create doubt in the mind continuously. 

Until finally it reach the sudden knowledge that is informed by the results of the practice of meditation is the opposite of each other. Koan is using methods that lead to enlightenment. 

And later (AD 1200 to 1253) has introduced the concept of the line decline to publish called "sects" Soto signed "(Sōtō Zen)  of the focus on action Zazen (Zazen) or. Meditation is the key. The development of mental peace and stability to the enlightened. 

The teaching of the Bureau Soto stressed that the signing. Practice, the outcome of a unified practice. The practice is not "how" to achieve some external goal. But the most wanted point is Nirvana is the highest point from all practice.

Zazen is the Japanese word for "sitting meditation.

" Za means "to sit" and Zen means "medita¬tion."

 The Chinese word for zazen is T'so-chuan.