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Chong Hoi Yat Sing Siu( The Swordsman theme Song) and the meaning of this song

Many time when I heard song in the style of Zen, there always silent still and don't have the singer.

So we can think about it ,let the song told us what they are and what it want to told.

But this song from Chinese Kungfu movies The Swordsman.

Swordsman II

 I ,first I don't think it's try to told any meaning in Zen ,but when I had try to read the translate of this song.

I think may be my first Zen theme song with vocalist and a good movies.

Let listen about it there. I proud to present in 2 versions.

This told us about.

The seas laugh, lashing on both coasts.

Carried in the waves, we have only now.

The heavens laugh, at the troubled world.

Only they know, who is to win or lose.

The mountains laugh, the rain is afar.

When the waves grow old, the world still goes on.

Sniggering at the wind, lost in quiet solitude.

Bygone camaraderie bequeaths a tinge of melancholy.

Sniggering at my wasted life, afloat in the sea of loneliness.

I only have my cynicism to redeem my sanity.

Zen is told us to silent and known in ourself.

This song told us that what we have try in all of our life is must gone away when we get out from this world.

So don't have to make everything to have to be,

Do not strict to anything. Nothing gone away with us.

Only one life had start in the world with nothing with us ,and when we gone away we can not take everything with us too.

So let it be...

The Unfettered Mind: Writings from a Zen Master to a Master Swordsman (The Way of the Warrior Series)

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