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Discover the wisdom of letting go

When a great Zen Master returned to his country many years of studying abroad the people asked what he brought. He said: "I came with nothing but empty hands."

What are these empty-handed?
What value are we today?

 Usually, our hands are full of activities, problems and assets that seem impossible to put filled. Our life is full of decisions, plans and dreams.

If plans are not met, if events do not go therewant, or when the change comes unexpectedly to take root, many begin, press and hold.

 This attachment increases the anxiety. Few really know how to deal with change or understand why it is happening to them.

Living by Zen shows us how to stop and hold open our hands and two heads, new opportunities for us there forever.

Holding On

Many people focus on the life of accumulation.

I am very proud of what we have collected the money, titles, qualifications,Friends, information, property, lover. Soon I'm so full they can barely move, but I'm still looking for more, every corner of their homes and their lives CRAM full.

 It was not long before they believe what they have is they are. It is not accumulated to eliminate the most simple and easy to clean, the drawers.

 Many have not yet learned the value of the empty room.

Together with the accumulation process, the process appears to the system.
Many fear losing what they have.Everything seems to be valuable, no matter what. How many times must stop and ask, "I need this is not so valuable when it's time to let go"

How do we know ourselves.

Most of us feel that our work, possessions, achievements and relationships.
 This is how we know it. If we lose one of them, we feel lost part of ourselves.

Somehow we do not have the basis of all life, which is found in constant motion, changing, growing.
 To extend our senses self, you need to stop fighting and resistance to life ready to be let go.
But, if we let go of that life itself for us.

The change comes at the time, both give and take away things. If this happens, many suffer a lot from this sense of loss. A common response to take hold.

With the change is

If change comes, you can see, the first thing we must realize that the most difficult to believe that the more we destroy what we have in the palm of our Mani.

This is not the way to avoid suffering.
In reality, the pain of loss is caused by resistance to what is happening.
The more you fight, what happens, no longer resist the natural flow of life, the more you suffer and feel helpless as we can.

There are many ways we stop and resist what is happening in our lives - in general, depression, denial, endless activity, immediately make new plans.

 Fighting this change, we insist that the lives of our special needs,Meet our needs and expectations. A battle was formed. Much energy is wasted.

How do we live Zen, we find another way to deal with change.

 If any, changes in loss or failure is, we plant in the center of the storm and see what happens. Instead of blowing all the turmoil, we are the center of the tornado, full of energy and concentration.

 Let the ways in which we "think" things are going and allow We are fully with what it is. How can we make this big question - what do we really know that we lose?

A question that can not be answered are rational, this question is called a koan.

 As we work on this koan, our spirit, heart and empty-handed, open and clear for a new way of understanding and being.

 As we cling to stop and start the issue in the truth of the moment, we discover who we really are full of wisdom and fresh.

Now that you through life Zen reduce the grip and let go of the fears of our sense, is planted on a stable basis.
 In this process we begin to experience life differently and have a taste of who we are.

Our hands are empty. empty hands supple, flexible and useful. You can touch and comfort, they can give and receive what they can do what is necessary when the time appears.

How to balance the lighting you have a Zen master would be proud


Even if you may not realize it, the person reacts to "factory settings" that have been introduced, it must also begin early.

For example, we know instinctively what is good and what is bad.

Without training in the first formal and informal balance, we felt immediately, but are looking for, a work of art - Barnett Newman Vir Heroicus Sublimis, for example, has balance.

Well, it's because, incredibly, with the exception of five vertical stripes, is a blank canvas ocean NewmanRed, but the response to our integrated sense of balance, we only know that the painting in balance.

It 'the same with furniture. Different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, contrasts to create different degrees of interest.

 A wall may be too high, the floor is too boring, the red color too narrow, resulting in a fabulous wall art, which is reduced to an underestimation or the unthinkable: a magnificent work of art, metal wall seems be the place.

To have thatall important balance, so we need to control the various elements, each screaming for attention. This means that an equilibrium in which no part of the composition to draw too much attention at the expense of other elements.

E 'with the same lighting fixtures: it must reach a balance with the furniture, the style of decoration of the rooms and other light sources.

Here are some things to consider:

Balance lights two lamps side by side other .

Two table lamps bracketing a sofa should preferably two of the same species, as with two wall lamps bracketing an accent or an architectural or decorative, like a door mirror or fireplace.

 The same rule applies to equipment that is not always in pairs, as if you have a floor lamp near a funky Glasgow have a table lamp.

Adesso Zen Floor Lamp, Walnut

The size and the amount of light emitted by a supposed to offset each other.
Consider the scale of the adjacent cabinets or furniture ratherdegree of latitude in the lights.

Use lamp shades with large broad shadow on a solid wood frame sofa.

If the sofa is minimalist, do not use the art deco lampshades. Use a chandelier, not some insignificant pendant with a pair of large dining table.

Using solid wrought iron wall of the fitting of a huge fireplace.
Match the decorative style group with the decorative style of the room.

Do not adorn gleaming chrome lamps, country style room, using a clay pot or glass thickness, for example, instead of floral design. Always insert the decorative designs.

 If your kitchen is equipped with a primitive wooden counters with corners and edges and a wooden table similar work with uneven surface of the design style, you're better off with with rawhide lampshades.

If your Hollywood-style room, a lampshade Bobby Haines had his coronation, not a rawhide lamp shade with its shadow.

Match the style of your lamp with decorative furnishingsThe style is an important piece of the lamp is associated.

Maybe you want your windows tinted glass table lamps with glass shades and a round glass table with lots of round glass pendant.

Table Lamp with Tinted Blown Glass

If you have a framework of geometric shapes, you can repeat the geometry at the base of your lamp shades at its sides.

Game, game, game
If the stainless steel kitchen areas is all your work, a tone stainless steel lamp-based.

 If the soil isfrom black and white squares, use a square lampshade whites and blacks. If you have tassels, throws a bow have to change your lamp.

Whatever your rig throws, using it to your advantage shadow.

Trans Globe Lighting 4371 ST 1-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern, Stainless Steel, 12-Inch


Music for Zen Meditation Music for Meditation or Mantra?

Asian Zen: Oriental Music For Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Tai Chi

There are many ways music today in search of relaxing music. soothing music helps to connect to our innate nature. We live "in" music, great music nourishes us ways that we do not know. It inspires us, relaxes us pulls us - in short, heals us and keeps us well.

When it comes to music zen, we are looking for perfect silence, in that moment of inner peace. The goal is to calm the meditating mind and lightness of the body.

If Zen meditation music for the selection, there is something important to remember, What you really want to achieve through meditation.

The selection of the best music for meditation music can be serene, quiet or instrumental. It helps to improve self-esteem and relaxed atmosphere.

Mantra music, but the sacred texts are sung, a melody.

Magical Healing Mantras

When we chant mantras, repeating the sound of yoga (yoga Naad) helps us to focus our minds and awaken our conscience.

Naad Yoga (Mantra) uses sound, tone, rhythm, singing and listening to new awareness and vibrations.
Using chanting of mantras to create these oscillations is the highest form of self-communication.

Song of the popular mantra has since become a popular recording by the Benedictine monks of Santo Domingo de Silos in Spain, has sold over 4 million copies in forty countries.

 Since then we have seen more and more music is performed kirtan and mantrasin yoga studios and yoga events.

All the same, but no matter what kind of music for meditation music that does not try to distract from meditation.

Shakuhachi Meditation Music: Traditional Japanese Flute for Zen Contemplation

Healthy Living Tips - The Zen of exercise and healthy eating


In this article I want to enjoy it and a deep satisfaction from exercise and eating healthy foods are really good writing.

There is a Zen, all the things we do, what I mean is that deliberately relaxed way to do something that is making a person a feeling of satisfaction, contentment, peace, a positive result in that kind of what you are .

With the practice of Tai Chi is like Qigong, Yoga and other martial arts, exercise, style is an intrinsic quality of zenbuilt, I think that kind of performance, and other Zen quality is made. cycling very zen experience for me, I relax and enjoy the movement, the air, the feeling of driving.

Making a lot of experience Zen meditation, I have in my own head and I go jogging for the repetitive aspect in such a state of Zen that is conducive to meditation.

Zen Yoga: A Path To Enlightenment Through Breathing, Movement and Meditation

Also working with weights can be done in a conscious fashion zen.Especially if you focus on the feeling of muscle activity and joint movement.

Eating good food has a zen feeling when you eat slowly and consciously. If you chew and taste the food sense when you consider the benefits of quality and healthy food healthy.

 Eating is not only a necessity, it is also one of the true joys of life. What Mother Nature can provide for us is truly a miracle.

When you eat, think of how important and wonderful food and life support, you can use the Zen of eating.
It is unhealthy to eat too fast, too unhealthy food choices and eating food, not a blessing enough.

Manifesting Meditation Prayer Beads Tigereye Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

 After enjoying the quality of the natural biological wealth and power of access should be addressed clearly and with respect.

The Zen of Eating is this respect for life, nature and quality of our health. can live healthy, wonderful experience that a Zen creates balance, harmony and prosperity.

For the time being in the complex and fast-paced lifestyle healthy people living today can be a challenge.

 If you take the time not a little 'cool down and to enjoy the standard Zen of a healthy lifestyle.

 You can lose what being a truly happy life.


With Zen to improve your skills for personal development

There are few things that go hand in hand, and the development of personal skills to do as Zen.

The whole concept and philosophy "Zen" is all around us better people.
This is the liberation of the soul from all the junk we receive every day about what we did see things much clearer. Also forces us to ask questions.
These are not just questions. The questions we must ask ourselves the questions are deep soul search.
They are not isolated and dried the answers and we demand the absolute path that we are real enough and that we have chosen for our lives, of course, because to change them.

And 'this kind of meetings to develop the inner strength and makes us better people with strong feelings. Therefore, development is the Zen way of life and more personal, intertwined with one.

Many aspects of life can be improved by Zen, and the development of personal skills will be in athem. Living in this way helps you grow as a person, allows the life you've always dreamed of making it possible.

Here is a new purpose in life when you just embrace these teachings.

Everything is for the better, even in the absence of our relationships, health and prosperity have changed. further development to take Zen staff, plus you can live the life you've always wanted.

As it does so authorizes them. There areManage the courage, the most difficult decisions with ease, or as simple as they were no more than an afterthought.

Personal development requires discipline and determination to achieve.

With a Zen way of thinking person is a person best able to address this idea, better would be a distraction from it. Left to themselves, the human mind can be easily moved from track thousands of objects (eg television, Internet, mobile phones, etc.).

Bad news isoften in this world, and it is too easy, may be the way a person thinks and feels.

 In order to achieve long-term personal growth, people need to focus their minds on the positive train, and I call on the negative.

Read Any reasonable person would say they do all this and still want more, but the reality is that it is hard work. The road to your personal happiness is wonderful, but it is a price you have to be willing to pay.

You must be able to look at themselves and honestly answer some very important questions.
major change of life issues relating to some of the true path you go in life, career and other career changes and even some good painful questions of love and relationships.

With this, you become a better person if and only if we are honest with themselves.

 From this reason that determine the ultimate success of  Zen in viewand development of personal skills.

Zen Meditation - Where to turn more resources?


Meditation is an integral part of Buddhist practice and rituals. Basically, meditation, breathing exercises that reduce stress and increase concentration or focus on anything you always do or contemplation. Zen Meditation is not just a bunch of breathing techniques. There's more to it than that. Meditation in the Buddhist religion is as old as the hills and help bring much needed balance and harmony in a person's life.

The Zazenis the key to Zen meditation. This is a collection of positions, breathing techniques and exercises, opening the mind is an essential part of every life is of Buddhists. Zazen is used by both Buddhists and Tibetan Buddhists Nichiren. You must perform some steps before they can actually begin the process of meditation.

position or the point here. The first thing you should do before starting a meditation that is right for you is found. Burmese Positionmeans that you bend your legs and keep both feet touching the ground. But the best thing is the position of the lotus or half lotus, folded back against a cushion great for special support, and legs in the right way. As for the pillow, you can do it online or at any hardware store.

The spec or audio, the Zen tradition is part of the deep is a great way to relax and unwind after a hectic day. It works by stimulating the theta waves inYour brain. The frequency is changed in some way, and you go into a trance or deep meditation, which is really very healthy for you. Your brain gradually accustomed mode of meditation, which gives a final state of relaxation and freedom. All stress factors are immediately removed.

o If you have been practicing Zen meditation for a while 'in depth, you should easily be able to relax, focus on the task at hand, and stress release with Elan. Your brain ispositive by the stimulation that these techniques have affected. For a recent and effective way to deal with stress, you might try this product.

Do not ever groped or tie your meditation techniques in a heap, and follow them faithfully. There is always room for improvisation. At any time to think, what you feel better physically and mentally. techniques to avoid that are uncomfortable for you, even if others of the same benefits.

ZenMeditation is just one of many programs available on the market. The audio program is invaluable, because it works simply and effectively, working on brain waves theta. I'm out almost unconsciously into the realm of peace and tranquility.

It 'as simple as plugging your headphones and listen with your heart and soul. Soon you'll be able to control, anxiety, stress and mood swings, and relax and feel as fit as a fiddle psychologically.

Interview with a Zen Buddhist priest

An interview with Gudo Nishijima, a Zen Buddhism, the practice of zazen, Zen meditation. It took place in a Zen center on the outskirts of Tokyo.


Zen and the art of riding

Horses inspire awe and fear in many people, given its massive size and unpredictability found. They are therefore one of the best teachers we have at our disposal. Whenever we fear something that has power over us. The horses are bred to serve and, in fact, this service gives them pleasure. Learning to ride, so has less power than slavery. If we value the mission of the horse and work with him on horseback is a common pleasure.

Radio Flyer Big Flyer
Surprisingly, menoften afraid to ride like women. The vast majority of drivers under 18 are girls, and has written extensively on the psychology of horses and adolescents. It is remarkable for a small, bony 12-year-old stand next to a trust mare £ 1,200 is to see their horse's tail quickly.

Generally, adult men have a muscle mass than women, but they show more anxiety in the vicinity of a horse is bred to believe that physical force is definedRule and perhaps even pain. Therefore, learning to ride a horse is extremely useful not only for men. Horses challenges us to rethink our traditional notions of strength and power again.

A Horse's Tale
Like most animals and humans and to respond to love horses and work best in a climate of acceptance and peace. In the vicinity of a cowboy riding experience and tough kids, talking in a low voice, his presence known early, and communicate their desire to be with the horse.

There is nothing threatening about the approach of a person unless the person is a Sun Horses are prey animals, not predators, so they are pretty much the silliest things smaller and fear, especially those things which creep over them.

 Therefore, horses have a reputation for unpredictability, so here they are (or "ghosts") for the rustle of leaves or presence of a bee. If I do not weigh 1200 pounds I think I fear anything, but this is one of the great paradoxes of nature:Horses are cowards.
RoomMates RMK1017SCS Wild Horses Peel and Stick Wall Decals

It is based on the driver set, then, to convey calm and confidence.
When I moved from the East Coast to Colorado, I was full of strength on the East Coast. Everything I did, I'm in a hurry. Needless to say, this does not bode well for my four-legged friends. When I came careening into the pen to pick up and drive the herd away from me. It 'been very frustrating for a while', until I learned to change my internal energy. Now I can just stayand horses come to me.

This is typical of the lessons that we can provide horses for lessons can be taught to us in our offices, homes and busy lives. Working with a horse, you learn to your own inner perception, before changing to enter the barn.

 The riding is all about modifying your car and there is nothing more amazing than the synchronous rhythm in an animal with a strong and willing. Every step of the way, you are riding in the same development. E 'there is no need to fear these amazing animals, although, like the sea, the mountains or some other force of nature that will be respected for their strength.

But unlike other forms of natural force of the horse is there to serve us.
If you choose to challenge this lesson, start slowly and quietly so. You will find peace and sweetness in the act of care. You learn, slowly and carefully saddle, the horse out for the welfare of all time.

 You react to this peace and integrity and try to ride well. Take your fear, friends barn and leave a different way of knowing the truth about power.

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Zen and the Art of New Age Piano

Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano with Bench

We all want to be at this time. That's where real transformation takes place. For some, a few of them arrive. Others to play sports or movies. For me it's the piano. When I'm in right now, let the music speak, it is as if the world is new.
The notes flow out of the plane in the air and I know there's something magical. It may take a minute or half an hour. No matter how long it takes, I know I have a special transportPlace. Many musicians know the place - especially musicians who know how to improvise.

There are no planning - only spontaneous invention.
Zen music in particular has an ethereal quality, seems to grow organically. It begins and ends but it seems no beginning and no end point. The music is simple - as a living being, it's just there. It 's like a scent in that it is in the air, but not overwhelm or annoy.

Each instrument canbe used to create this kind of music, but some tools are more suited to it. Flutes, harp, piano, the Japanese Koto - these tools are often used in atmospheres that linger nice, but do not really want to create to go anywhere. Here in the West, a music that we used to prosecute an end to rate. We have a peak or a large area, or we are not satisfied. As a fireworks display begins and ends with a bang.

It can be a struggle betweenCreating a musical to be performed by the spirit or the music the public likes. We can choose between pleasing the ego or pleasing to us are torn. How to play the piano in "New Age" style of music that is not expected, but it is possible to understand the other. Following this concept, let the music flow.

Zen and the Art of Relaxation