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Charity for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Charity for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 

( From : NKH.CO.JP)

NHK, Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ), The Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) and NHK Public Welfare Organization have organized a charity for the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.

If you wish to make your cash donation to be distributed directly among the affected population of the disaster, please see the following homepage of The  Japanese Red Cross Society for the bank account information.

JAPANESE RED CROSS SOCIETY - Japan/Earthquake Donation

or visit JRC's english top
and click "11/03/14 Japan Earthquake Donation" under the category of "Emergency Relief."

All the fund received under this account will be transferred to the Distribution Committee, which is formed around the local governments of the disaster-affected prefectures and to administer the distribution of fund.

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts.


Japan Quake Relief From Amazon

This blog is not blog for selling anything but ,this is for Japanese whose suffering from disaster ,I saw this item from amazon.

More details on Amazon 
I think Amazon is one of the trust site for shopping and I think this will be going to support for Japan by Amazon and us.

And more I don't say another place for help is not good. Every place and every thing is the best place for help people in Japan ,Amazon is just one place I known.

Hope and pray for Japan.

Living in Zen.


Japan earthquake and Tsunami.

Last weeks we had knew about the disaster in Japan where's the origin of Zen.

I have to say I'm really sorry in this and everything what happen there and hope everything better as soon as possible.

When I think about it I had cried,this make me very worry about everybody there whose had suffer from disaster.

If I can doing anything better than what I had do,I'll do it for this.

Japan is one of the most place in the world I want to go to travel and visited them.

In my everyday life , I had found Japanese around me.

When I was a children I known and love many cartoons from Japan, Arale,Doraemon , I used to wake up in the morning to watch them in the television.

When I was young I known Crayon Chinjung ,and this books make me smiley.
When I was suffering in the problem in my life I had known Zen, and Zen make me still be a real human.

If Zen make me strong I hoped Zen must be make any people there strong and more stronger than me because there could be better understand it more than me.

Japanese had suffering any trouble for any time in their history and after a trouble Japan always wake up and have strong standing and developed more.

So I hope this time will be too.

For most of my mind,and if any word in this blog is say about bad things please forgive me ,I don't had any attention for bad thing,only worry and hope everything better in Japan only.It may be from my English language but my real mind is hopeful of everybody get off from this disaster.

This is some stories for reading.

The muddy road.

Once they walked together to Tanzania and Ekido on a muddy road.

 It was still raining heavily.

After a bend, they met a beautiful girl,kimono and silk scarf, which could not cross
the road."Come on, girl" said Tanzan at once. 

Then he took her in arm and carried it over the puddles.
Ekido did not say anything until that night had no reached a temple to spend the night. So do not could no longer restrain himself. "We monks do not approach the
women, "he told Tanzan, " and even less than young and pretty. And 'dangerous. 

Why did you do? ".

"I am that girl I left there," said Tanzan.

"You're still the taking with you?"'


My starter in Zen and a story about ghost.

First, I want to tell everybody whose came in my blog .

I want to told you that thank you very much for you here.
I’m a woman from somewhere in the world, my country don’t use English in everyday life so, this is the problem of my blog.

I can’t told you what the real things I had think.
And any program can’t help for all I want, It’s not all the meaning but, it still useful for a woman whose don’t know how to explain and write it in English.

I fall in love with Zen, I known Zen in my pity life when I at the university and I have a lot of problem in the university ,it so hard to study because it’s not my skill at all.

I study in major about drugs and the science but I don’t like to remember.

I don’t like to learn by rote or learn by memory everything in textbook.

So, I have to aid that I fail in my university life for a long time about 10 years of my suffer from the learning.

I can’t smile ,can’t talk and make my parents feel very worry about me.

I want to told my lovely mom and dad I’m sorry from my fail.

You done the best things for me but I don’t try for my best I make you disappoint in me.

In that time I look like a crazy woman .I doing something which very no so good. I make my family very worry.

And one day I go to the bookstore I found some lovely book .I want to told you I buy it from it’s front cover picture.

After that I read it, and then I known that it’s about Zen.

Zen is no rule ,no step, no laws , it’s not complete guide to do somethings or everythings .
Zen make me think about myself.
Make me look in to myself.
Zen don’t told me what It  have to do ,and what I couldn’t do, I just think about what I do and what I want to do.
And this is one story I had read in that book.
Just reading and think about it or look at the picture in this blog and look in to your mind.

Banishing a Ghost

The wife of a man became very sick. On her deathbed, she said to him, "I
Love you so much! I don't want to leave you, and I don't want you to betray
Me. Promise that you will not see any other women once I die, or I will come
back to haunt you."

For several months after her death, the husband did avoid other women, but
then he met someone and fell in love. On the night that they we re engaged to
be married, the ghost of his former wife appeared to him. 

She blamed him for not keeping the promise, and every night thereafter she returned to taunt

 The ghost would remind him of everything that transpired between him and his fiancee that day, even to the point of repeating, word for word, their conversations. 

It upset him so badly that he couldn't sleep at all.

Desperate, he sought the advice of a Zen master who lived near the village.

"This is a very clever ghost," the master said upon hearing the man's story.
"It is!" replied the man. "She remembers every detail of what I say and do.
It knows everything!" 

The master smiled, "You should admire such a ghost,
but I will tell you what to do the next time you see it."

That night the ghost returned. The man responded just as the master had
advised. "You are such a wise ghost," the man said,

 "You know that I can
hide nothing from you. If you can answer me one question, I will break off
the engagement and remain single for the rest of my life." 

 "Ask your question," the ghost replied. The man scooped up a handful of beans from a
large bag on the floor, "Tell me exactly how many beans there are in my

At that moment the ghost disappeared and never returned.

People's reactions to this story:

"Ghosts are just human and can't know or do anything that a human can't."
"No one knows everything. Not even a spirit. You can be wise in some ways, but not in all

"The ghost kept coming back because the man was always impressed by how it seemed to know
everything. It had power over him. But when he finally stood up to it, and challenged it, the
ghost disappeared forever."  

"The ghost is actually a part of the man. So it couldn't know anything that the man himself didn't

"The ghost comes from the man's own mind. He created it. It is his own guilt that came back to
haunt him."
"The reason something haunts us is because we keep our attention on it. When we move on
beyond it it will disappear."

"To me, this story just shows that souls have memories, but not enlightenment."
"I don't like the ending. I read the story with high expectations, but felt let down in the

"Why didn't the ghost know that the man had seen a Zen master?"

"If the wife really loved the husband, how could she subject him to such a promise?"
"Everything the ghost knew didn't amount to a handful of beans!"


Zen is not complicated.

Zen is not complicated.

It contains no special knowledge.

There are no devices. Indeed, in its way, Zen is anti equipment. 

Zen is like cleaning the attic and drop all of you do not need your-worries, fears, opinions, assumptions ¬ gene, driven to the basket. Because I really do not need them!

 Zen is for everyone, no matter his religious beliefs, national origin, or lifestyle. 

Zen Living is easy. Challenge, in fact, although many say all Zen Time: definitions, we would define a simple, short words.
 "Well, what is it?" He asks.

 If you're totally confused, do not worry. Zen is already beginning to work its magic. 

 Practice Zen is a practice full of surprises, enough to fill volumes. But despite the abundance of guidance, inspiration and philosophical assumptions Zen has inspired throughout history, it is still this:

 The simplicity behind Zen, however, is misleading. It 'one thing to say to someone: "Nowise all that matters. Live in now. "There is something very different to really make a step back from the master wheel and say, 'ship, anywhere."

 People are programmed to think, interpret, ana ¬ lysis to examine, define and think some more. We cannot live without! And 'one of the side effects, such as large complex brains. Our lives are so busy and complicated that we think that every ¬ thing in order to keep people. If we do not think we would be in serious trouble. And this makes us think that weak.

 Before you begin, we'll tell you to stop thinking, Tarn, that mental chatter and hear a rumble on: Zen is not about the extinction of your thoughts, your feelings, your ¬ per person, or any other aspect of you. On the contrary, ¬ Con. Zen helps to clear the thinking easier to see clear, easy to understand and know you more intimately.

 That sounds pretty good, right? We think so. 
But something else before the union Mix: Zen is not the final results. "Eh?" And what's the point? "It makes no sense to Zen.
 "What?" No point, because I have my time? "

 West we are very goal-oriented, is not it?

We go to school to get a job.

We work to make money. We make money to buy things.

We work hard to make more money, can buy more stuff.

It’s easy to think that everything would have to persuade targeted.

How else could ever bring anything?
How can you be?
How to Manage ?

This is one of Zen tales to make we easy to understand not too complicated,but it's just have to think about it

One day, Baso, a Zen monk, was sitting in zazen (meditation). His teacher passed by and asked him what he was doing. 
Baso replied, "I want to become a Buddha." The teacher immediately picked up a tile and began to polish it vigorously. "What are you doing?" Baso asked. "I'm polishing this tile to make it a mirror," replied the teacher. "What? How can polishing a tile make it a mirror?" asked Baso. 
"How can zazen make you a Buddha?" the teacher answered. Just as Baso mistakenly believed the point or goal of zazen was to become a Buddha, so we may mistakenly believe Zen, or zazen, has a goal. Zen itself is the already-achieved goal. 
This moment is your life, so wake up and start living it.


Gain enlightenment and instruct all beings.

Let’s gain enlightenment, 

and then instruct all beings.

From Zen Master Seuns Sahn: The compass of Zen.

 Many centuries ago, the Greek philosopher Socrates used to walk the streets and squares of Athens, teaches his students. 

He told them "You have to understand you, you need to understand, you must understand." Then one day a student said, "Lord, you always say that we have to understand us, but you understand."

 "No, I do not know," said Socrates.

 "But I understand this" not. Know '"It's very interesting lesson. Buddhist practice points for the same experience, because most people spend their lives without any sense of what they are.

 We understand many things about the world, but we do not understand. So why do people come into this world? Why do we need in this world to live?

For love? For money? For the respect or fame? Do you live for your wife, husband or children? 

Why live in this world?

If someone asked you this question could be answered very well: "I live for my children, I live to earn enough money for them, or maybe just have a good life  ..."

Most people think that way. They live only for his family for a few fleeting social respectability, and perhaps enjoy some art or power position.

Everyone wants to have a good situation for themselves. If you look very closely at this world, it is easy to see that most people eat and sleep and live only for their personal happiness. 

But this things are not the real purpose of human life.

They are only temporary facility for the life of the world. If people cannot see who they are, how they can never be truly happy?

 The Buddha was born into a royal family in India about two thousand years. He was a prince named Siddhartha Gautama. He had a very good location. 

 The building that had everything he wanted: good food, nice clothes, lots of beautiful women, the high seat and a very good location.

He was the son offing, and one day he would inherit a powerful kingdom. 

This is very nice! But inside Siddhartha was very unhappy because he could not understand who he was. He could not understand life and death.

He was deeply saddened that all beings have finally sick, old and die. This gave him a big question about its nature and essence of all beings.

"What I ARN? Do not know ..." At that time in India, the Brahman religion of Hinduism, was followed by almost everyone.

 But Brahmanism the young prince could not give the right answer to his burning question. He was still unhappy.

"Why the man who came into this world and why we eat every day? What am I?" It ate the food, but there was no taste. Music heard, but gave him no joy. 

The beautiful building was like a prison.

 One night, Siddhartha left the palace. He left his family, his beautiful wife and child to child, all his hair cut, and have become a Monaco.

Then he went into the mountains. For six Years he has practiced very, very difficult.

 "What?" I do not know, I'm ... "It 'was brave to this question with a determination to tip.

Then one morning, as he sat in meditation under the Buddha tree, he saw the morning star in the eastern sky. In this moment - BOOM! - Siddhartha, and This is a complete star.

He realized his true essence. He realized that his mind was the universe - infinite in space and time - and the whole universe was nothing more than his opinion.

He realized there is no life or death. Nothing ever comes or goes.

 Let's say you woke up and reached his true nature. He received quite human consciousness, he saw that when ignorance will appear Spirit.

When the ghost you want. In any kind of lust, life and death, coming and going, happiness and sadness, all seem to appear.

Through the full implementation of a not-so mind one hundred percent - go straight, I do not know - he saw the Buddha as a complete stop the endless cycle. 

He achieved complete liberation from the eternal cycle of birth and death, in which case, all beings.

He has fully achieved its correct path, reached the truth, and reaches the right kind of life that must lead. The name of this is enlightenment.

 But this truth that the Buddha had attained a very high quality implementation.

 How did he manage to help run the suffering of the world? 

When he reached enlightenment, the Buddha saw all sentient beings are born, suffering and death; be born again, suffering and death, rebirth torment suffering, death and again in an endless loop.

He saw billions of people in the loop with no beginning of birth, age, illness and death around and around and around, began non-stop, only to their desire, anger and ignorance. The name of this is samara.

"I would like this. I want, I know this. I do not know."

 When he attained enlightenment, Buddha perceived every sentient being in terribly sorry. It was a situation that had become so used to it that seemed to be normal. 

How can we ever believe what  he saw? "How can I teach other people?" he thought.

 It 'was like a man with a high quality doctoral look, sons what he had learned to teach, how could they ever understand?

 Sentient beings have been driven from their heads and wish their suffering so that he asked if anyone connect with this teaching here.

Sutra to say that the Buddha for a few moments, if it were to prove each of these is doubtful. Perhaps people would laugh at him, or worse, killed him for his heretical insight. 

The Buddha saw this. He could have stayed at this nirvana, achieve enlightenment, a state of infinite peace and happiness, and never stop.

 But the Buddha had a deep compassion for sentient beings. He rose from his seat under the Buddha tree; he left the peace and bliss of Nirvana, and went to controversial to teach people in urban and community. She left her "good situation.

“He did not want to create peace and tranquility.

 He did not attach to his happiness. He did not want to remain in a state of Nirvana where there is no suffering or life or death.

 The Buddha came strong and antagonistic world, to all beings from suffering, and then you can fully realize its original nature was, as it has done to save it.

 His experience of enlightenment was not for him alone.

This is very important Sign’s so die, die bi: great love and great mercy.

The Buddha had attained enlightenment, which means that it reaches its over-dependence of all beings. This was the beginning of Buddhism in this world.

 So Buddhism is the general teaching of this historical figure with Shakyamuni Buddha. But what exactly is the Buddha? Buddha is not really special.

The word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "to awaken.

 When you get your opinion, you can reach your true self, and you wake up from your dream suffering. A great teacher once said:

"The mind is the Buddha, the Buddha is the mind." If your mind to achieve - that is, when you reach your true self - then you'll Buddha. Sun Buddhism doctrine simply means that Shakyamuni Buddha himself achieved.

 He is totally in his opinion, has achieved all that they are the leaders of the center. It has set the proper functioning of the mind that you get to help all other beings. This is a very important point.

 Thus, Buddhism very just ask, very deep, "What am I?" I just do not know.... The Buddha sat for six years; to keep their minds do not know.

 The great Zen patriarch Bodhidharma sitting in a cave for nine years at Shoaling to hold I do not know. So I ask you who you are.

 When you were born, where did you come? If you die, where do you go? When it comes to these questions, then get your true self, and the highest of the animals.

But if you do not understand, then it is the same cat or a dog or other animal. Books can give you this opportunity. Money cannot arrive at this understanding.

 Even Buddha or some kind of God can give you this insight. Hence, the meditation it is very important is: How can I make my true self, and fully realize the truth and real life?