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Understand the elements of a Zen Garden Design

A Zen garden design was originally a Japanese-style garden.
 The plan includes both natural and architectural elements.
 A garden designed for sitting and thinking.

You can have your zen garden, you need only understand a few principles of design.

From about 13 Century Japanese Buddhist monks meditate, zen garden design as a spiritual place to examine the use .

Zen garden design creates a three-dimensionalImage, which is planned with a foreground and a background in perspective.

Miniature Zen Garden

All the elements of a Zen garden gardens are designed with the goal of being included.

Water is life.

As a natural element of water can be referred to as a pond, stream, or water features.
You can also sand, water, represented an ideal solution in dry climates.
The component plant in a garden design zen brings excitement to the garden with various colors, heights and Textures.

One of the most important elements of a Zen garden are rocks.

With rocks, you can size.

 If your rock and stones, select different size and position with the biggest for the front and smaller ones to select the background. worn stone to add character and depth of design.

If you want an alternate member to the element water, and sand or gravel formations are used.

 If you sand to create turbulence or splashingshimmering water effect that help provide energy aspect into the garden.

Bonsai Boy's Executive Desktop Meditation Zen Garden 14 5x10 5x1 0 - 7 lbs

What is used is not sand beach of granite, but crushed and you can get in different colors.
A dark area of ​​the garden can be raised with the lighter stones or sand.

An architectural element for the design of the Zen garden is a bridge.
Bridges used to connect different areas of your garden, what you up to areas otherwise not available.

Otherarchitectural elements of a Zen garden design can be ornaments and these points can be used as focal points. stone lanterns and stone basins are frequently used.

 A stone lantern can be mounted on a stone base, depending on the amount needed for balance.
 A custom stone basin is the basin filled with clean water, then kept the area around the terrain to be updated.
Another architectural element in place a gate at the entrance of the garden andwill further enhance the illusion.

You may be required to create an illusion of depth and space with a Zen garden to understand the position of the elements.

Zen Garden, Deluxe

One of the biggest attractions of this type of garden, is only a small space.

It 's easier than you think, three simple tips.
1. Use water features, ornaments, gates and bridges.
2. Select plants for the climate
3. Use rocks, stones and gravel and water conscious.

Zen Garden

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